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 How to Get Brawl Pics into your Computer

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PostSubject: How to Get Brawl Pics into your Computer   Fri Jul 04, 2008 11:34 pm

heres how u put pics in the comp:

first, u need an sd card. so just copy(or move) all the pics into the sd card. then put the sd card into your comp. remember Dont delete/edit/change anything in the sd card or it might ruin it

so in the sd card click "private", "wii", "app", "RSBE", and "al". copy all the files.

then make a new folder in ur pictures or something and paste the files in that new folder.

then go here:
http://freewebs.com/gtcoder/index.html and download bin2jpg tools. (tell me if the link doesn't work but it should work)

save the bin2jpg in your new folder then install it in the new folder. (has to be in same folder as the brawl pics or it wont work).

then just click bin2jpgall and it should convert your files. delete the files u copied from the folder and if you double click the new files, the picture should show up.
then just upload them to whereever u want to.

if this doesnt work, then tell me and maybe i can give better instructions.


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How to Get Brawl Pics into your Computer
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